Sunday, June 22, 2014

Chloe + Isabel

So who's/what/where is Chloe + Isabel?

They are a new jewelry company based out of New York that uses social media and merchandisers to sell their jewelry. I signed up to be a merchandiser last week! I've tried selling Avon and mark. but the pressure to sell sell sell was just too much for me. I like Chloe + Isabel because they are a much smaller company started 3 years ago so that seem to care more about quality than quantity.

What makes their Chloe + Isabel so unique?
  • Jewelry is hypoallergenic, nickel-free and lead-free
  • All items come with a lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Quality pieces only sold only and through merchandisers making them more affordable

Who is Chloe and Isabel?

Chloe and Isabel are names that represent the two distinctive personalities seen in customers.

Chloe's are...




Isabel's are...




Still not convinced?

Well..invite me over for a pop-up! What's a pop-up? Think of it as a party. You invite the guest and I bring the fun. The benefit? I'll give you three 

1. Earn credit for free jewelry 

2. Host a fun party with friends
3. Monthly incentives each month
4. Potential for guest to win $25 off an order of $75

Did I mention as a host you can ear free jewelry? You got nothing to lose! You provide the venue and guest and I'll provide the jewelry, styling, fun and maybe even some sangria? 

Ready to shop my boutique and skip the party altogether? Just click here!

Friday, June 20, 2014

What's New?

Man have I neglected my blog or what?! What have I been up to?

In the flight attendant world....

Still loving my job. I'm temporarily training flight attendants instead of flying. Don't get me wrong. I was NOT tired of flying. I thought it'd be a great opportunity to meet some new faces, challenge myself and to help people.

In my social life...

Went to my college's alumni weekend. For some it's a time to get away with their family. For my friends and I? A time to relive a little of our college days. Not every college does this for it's alumni so I'm grateful. Pictures from the awesome weekend below....

Watched an amazing sunset!

Throw back to my bio days!

Us MD folks love out crabs!

Learned to play darts!

In the fitness world...

For awhile I was doing P90x3. I was not seeing the results I wanted fast enough. I felt like I was maintaining but not really changing my body. I needed a bigger challenge. I still have and may keep it if I'm looking for maintenance. Or who knows I may try it again but try doubles?

I still love Tone it Up but my fitness goals are ever changing. I'm looking for more hardcore weightlifting. Tone it Up is cardio heavy. Tone it Up turned me on to fitness so I'm definitely not knocking them. But I'm ready for something more intense. Thinking of trying Ashley Horner's pipehitter exercise program. Will keep ya updated! In the meantime I'm still eating on-the-go healthy and trying to make meal-prep a part of my normal life.

Love this organic shake!

What else?...

I'm another step closer to becoming an EMT. Got fitted for my SCBA mask. I freaked out a little bit when I had to wear it for 7 minutes while they ran test to make sure it fit. They are NOT easy to breath in. I'm excited though! I'm hoping the next step is EMT classes in the fall.

I'm always looking for ways to challenge myself. I kept seeing a really cool jewelry company on my facebook timeline. I thought...I don't have what it takes to work for myself. Terrible right? Than I decided to stop thinking about it and just went for it. I signed up as a merchandiser! I'll be writing a whole post on it soon. Hopefully tomorrow, if not sooner. Until then...check out my boutique my clicking on the picture below :-)

xoxoxo P.S. hope to be better about my post

Monday, March 31, 2014

What's New with This Stew

I've been a bad blogger and I have not blogged in awhile. Shame on me! I just could not figure out what to write about. So what's new? Well...I'm currently doing P90x3. It's my latest fitness kick and I'm sure you've seen relentless commercials about it. I just started Block 2/second month so I thought now would be a good time to reflect on what I think so far.

the Gist
P90x3 is a dvd workout program made by Beach Body which also makes T25, Brazilian Butt Lift, and Hip Hop abs, to name a fame. P90x3 is a third version of a popular fitness program called P90x. Unlike it's predecessors, each P90x3 workout is only 30 minutes long. I believe the original P90x has workouts that are at least an hour long. The program is a total of 90 days and the workout schedule varies depending on if your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or a combination. The 90 days are broken up into 30 day segments of Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3.

what Do You Get
For $150ish (or something...I forget) you get 16 different workout DVDs, a nutrition guide, and workout calendar. If you go to the website it will make it seem like you are getting all these specials things but realistic this is what you are getting.

the Workouts
The workouts range from a focus of mainly cardio, stretching/yoga, and weightlifting. Some workouts will include a little bit of everything. Some of the workouts are yoga, pilates, cardio with weights (CVX), agility, push-ups and pull-ups. They are many more (16 totally different workouts).

the Equipment
The benefit of P90x is that it requires less equipment than the original. You can do all the workouts with resistance bands and a door anchor. If you have weights, that's great too. Some workouts you can do with lose change even. I did the Agility workout using random business cards from my wallet :-p

the Nutrition
I DO like the nutrition guide. It focuses less on calories and more on macros. What are macros? It breaks things down in terms of proteins, fats and carbs. It tells you how many of each you need throughout the day. I travel a lot for work (duh!) so it's kinda hard to carry or even have access to everything I need to follow the guide. I try when I am at home and I tried once while traveling. While traveling it was just too much food to carry around for 4 days. At home, I found I was satisfied throughout the day by following the guide. I weight 134lbs-ish and my taking the quick quiz it told me to consume 1800 calories. That is more than most calculators suggest for me so I choose the 1500 plan instead.

my Experience so far
Like I said before, I'm on Block 2. I wanted to wait until I finished the program to make a real judgement. I think it's important to know my expectations and goals I wanted to achieve with this program. I've been working out semi-consistently for about a year. I did so much cardio for so long I decided I wanted to take a different approach. I wanted to focus more on building muscle. P90x3 says it could do that for me. Losing weight wasn't so important but changing my body composition is.

Now I did not have a scale or way to measure body fat at the beginning of the program. I thought I was roughly 136 and using a rudimentary way, 25% body fat. In the first month I MAY have lost 2 lbs and after buying a machine that measures body fat I'm currently at 18%. Now I doubt my body fat changed that much and my original estimation was way off. I also lost 0.5 inch all over (if I trust my own measuring)

Do I like P90x3? I'm STILL deciding. Most of the workouts challenge. But with any DVD workout, if your form is not correct than going through the motions does not matter.

I'm going to write another review after Block 2 (not that I have legit measurements) and follow up with this review.

would I recommend P90x3
Yes! If you are out of shape it will whip you into shape. I'm not saying I'm super fit, but I was more at a plateau than anything with me fitness. If P90x3 enough to help me push through? I feel like after 30 days I want more results and I want to SEE more changes. ...I'll let you know in 30 more days how the rest goes.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

A "Serious" Guide to Dating a Flight Attendant

If there is one thing I've's that being a flight attendant has been the best and worst thing that's happened to me. How can that be? Well I <3 my job like there's no tomorrow but let's just say it's hard on relationships. So I felt inspired to write a ironic how-to on dating a flight attendant. IT'S MEANT TO BE IRONIC OR IN OTHER WORDS, EVERYTHING YOU SHOULDN'T DO

  1. Ask her where she is every night. Girls love when you are constantly questioning where they are every second. Who doesn't love to check-in with someone like they are 5 years old
  2. Never make plans ahead of time. That's just annoying. Actually giving some a heads-up? Psh. Just call her last minute. She will just not show up to work, get a 100s peoples flight canceled just for you.
  3. Assume she's sitting around on call. That flight attendant you're dating probably has no life. She sits by the phone waiting for scheduling to call her...why not wait for your phone call too.
  4. Send text/call every 5 days. Every night is just too much!  After standing in heels for 12 hours and making small talk...your f/a definitely doesn't want to have a deep, meaningful conversation at the end of her day. She's got her fill of corny jokes from passengers all day.
  5. Ask her to go on vacation with you. Your f/a doesn't mind that you just met 5 days ago, yet you want to go on vacation together. She has nothing better to do than spend a week/weekend with a guy who just needs to "borrow" a buddy pass.
  6. Hit on her in-front of the entire crew. It's super flattering. Your f/a isn't worried about being professional. Her crew will understand she's a hot commodity
  7. Brag to your friends that you are dating a f/a. Why make your f/a feel like you like her just because of her. Why not be honest and tell your friends you like her just because she is a f/a?  I mean, that IS the reason you are dating her right? No point lying
  8. Text her only when she's out of town. Just forget every time she tells you she's actually in town. Wait until afterward to reach out to her. That way you can make her feel bad about being unavailable
  9. Suggest that she get a "better" job. Some times people just need to know what they do is not good enough.  It's tough love.
  10. Repeat the same questions over and over. Don't waste your energy trying to understand her schedule. It's SOOO confusing. Just keep asking her every time how things work. Let it slip in one ear and out the other. I'm sure she likes the sound of her own voice.
This post is so bitter. was meant to be funny. I promise you it started out that way lol

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Confessions of a Flight Attendant

  1. Unlikely many popular articles...I really don't mind pouring diet soda. It's not that hard. Yes it fizzes up like crazy and takes 3 times as long. The secret? Pour the soda in an empty cup THAN add the ice.
  2. If you're sitting in first class, I would prefer you to wait until I come around to grab your coat. Trying to get me to hang it up while there are 30 people waiting on the jet bridge to board is OBNOXIOUS.
  3. Again...if you're in first class. Drink as much as you like. Don't say "I'm sorry...can I have another?". The shit is free. Please, go crazy. I would
  4. You'll catch more with honey than vinegar. Be nice to me and I'll probably do just about anything for you. Well. Almost anything.
  5. I hope every good-looking guy that walks on is single
  6. Most flight attendants dislike working first class
  7. Unless you are an elderly person, I really don't want to AND I'm not support to help you lift your bag
  8. I make over $20 an hour but I make less than $30,000/yr
  9. I travel for free
  10. I truly love my job
Random post day!

Monday, February 24, 2014

A day in New Orleans....

Even though it meant waking up at 2:30am, I was super excited to pick up a trip that included a layover in New Orleans! I've been wanting to have a layover there for like a year....

So here it is...a day in New Orleans

Hit Up Bourbon Street

Of course Bourbon street is where most debauchery happens. Despite walking the streets at 10am, I saw many patrons having beers at the bar with their breakfast/lunch. There are a ton of restaurants advertising 2 for 1 drinks and such.

Now the streets were relatively empty because it was a Friday morning but I could tell that if you wanted some fun to could find it. 

Antoine's Restaraunts

Now if you're looking for some classier cuisine, you can definitely find it. We ate at Antoine's which has been around since 1840. They were running a special where you could get select soup, entree and dessert for $20. 

The service? Superb! I wish I could remember our servers name but he was such a sweetheart. Brought us extra fried potatoes and even dessert for me (I didn't ask for it nor pay for it...he was just thoughtful like that).

Afterward he gave us a tour of the building which is full of random but interesting history.

Did I mention they had $0.25 martinis? Now they are pre-made but how could you really complain about $0.25 martinis? And yes...this is at 11am.

Cafe du Monde

For your beignet fix, go to Cafe de Monde. It is open 24 hours a day and probably always pretty busy. Cash only. Just find an empty and hopefully clean table and just plop down. Sooner or later an asia waitress will come around and see how many beignets you are craving.

Can you tell I really enjoyed mine? I got powdered sugar everywhere but it was totally worth it.

Jackson Square

Next, my crew and I did a quick walk past Jackson Square. Caught the tail end of a magic show by a couple of street magicians. No big city is complete without it.

Did not know the significant of Jackson Square until later but it was named after former president Andrew Jackson and is a National Landmark. You can find a few cute shops and street vendors there. Cafe de Monde is just across the street so we knocked out two birds with one stone.

Garden District & Cemeteries

After dinner and a mini break, we decided to take the street car which only cost $1.25 (exact change only) and go to the Garden District. I wish there was more time in the day because I would have loved to take an official tour of the district as well as the cemeteries. The Cemetery was closed by 2:30pm (?!?!?!) so I had to settle for an outside pic.  

In the Garden District we saw John Goodman's and Sandra Bullock's homes. We also found these stone slabs and poles outside some peoples' homes. A couple walking their dog told us people would tie their horse to the pole. Then the slab is situated so they would not have to jump all the way to the ground.

Super practical now, right?

This house is for sale! I would totally move to New Orleans. That's if I have the 9.8 million dollars it would cost to buy this home.

It's been awhile since I've done so much on an overnight. Can't wait to visit New Orleans again because there was so much I didn't even get to do. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Money Matters of a Flight Attendant

I've said it once and I'll say it again. No one becomes a flight attendant for the money. If you look on it says the medium salary of a flight attendant is $72,000. -_- Which is a huge lie! I don't know where they got that number from but it's far from the truth. Maybe they are including corporate flight attendant salaries in there?

Note* The medium salary means that 50% of flight attendants are making less than $72,000 and 50% are making more than $72,000 gives a more realistic look at a flight attendants salary. It lists the medium salary as $35,000. Again that means that 50% of al flight attendants are making less than $35,000 and 50% are making more than $35,000.

Here's a few quick bits about money matters of being a flight attendant

You're hourly. Depending on what airline you work for, you'll make like $20/hr. Which sounds pretty good, right? It is. Except you only make that pay when the boarding door is closed. So during boarding, deplaning, in-between flights and during overnights you are not making $20 a hour. You are making per diem which is about $2/hr, give or take a few cents.

Accommodations are taken care of. I get this question a lot. Hotels are already picked and paid for by the company. You just call the hotel shuttle after you deplane. Walk outside and off to your hotel you go. No credit cards needed! The airlines have contracts with the hotels that crews stay in. It's all setup beforehand.

Per diem.  I mentioned per diem a little earlier. To offset the cost of being away from home, you earn per diem every time you work. Work only one day? You're per diem is taxed heavily. Work multiple days? Per diem is tax free.

Minimum guarantee. If you are on reserve (that means having a schedule of being on-call and off) you are guaranteed to be paid for usually around 70+ hours a month no matter what you actually work. 70 hours does not sound like a lot but this is flight time.

For example

You're scheduled to work

DCA-MIA 9am-11:30am    Flight time = 2 hours
MIA-PHL 12:30-3:30pm    Flight time = 3 hours
PHL-DCA 3:30pm-4:30pm    Flight time = 1 hour

See how your flight hours only add up to 6 hours? What happens with all the time in between? earn per diem! See the difference between flight hours and duty time (flight time + all those hours you aren't actually flying)? You can't look at being a 40/wk full-time position. 70+ of flight time is considered full-time

Uniforms and luggage. I can't speak for every airline. My airline DOES make you pay for your own uniforms and luggage. Now it is deducted out of your paycheck little by little so it's almost like an interest-free loan.

Unpaid training. Training is generally unpaid at most airlines. That means at least a few weeks of no paycheck coming in.

Hablo espaƱol? Speaking another language is a way to earn extra $$$. If you are certified by the airline to speak a certain language well enough, when you fly to specific destinations that speak that language you can earn extra money per hour

Over the pond. If you fly to international destinations this is also a way to earn extra $$$. Some flight attendants will ONLY fly international. Instead of potentially 5 flights a day, they fly once to Venice. Layover for 24+ hours than one flight back home. Now the higher level of service expected and jet lag, I found international flights tough to work. It is not for everyone despite the extra pay

Plane positions. Every crew is a team but ultimately each flight attendant has a specific position and therefore specific roles. If you are the the "lead", A or pursue flight attendant you will also make more money. Depending on the airline, this flight attendant is not necessarily the "boss" of everyone. But they are ultimately responsible for everyone and everything on the plane.

Despite all this little things. I love my job. It's not about the money. And I made some friends I hope to keep for a life time!